The Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

Keywords: Date palm, composition, antioxidant


Date palm has had a significant place in the history of humanity in numerous aspects. At the same time, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, such as religions have come to the fore. The various components present in the content are positively affecting the health. The amount of these components depends on dryness or freshness of date, ripeness level (Kimri, Khalal, Rutab, Tamer) and conditions of storage. Date is a source of anti-oxidants, as it consists of carotene, flavonoid, procyanidin, anthocyanin and phenolic components which have anti-oxidant characteristics. It is quite effective in preventing and curing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases thanks to its high pulp and anti-oxidant content. As prepared in this review article, the palm is located effects on health composition and to evaluate its antioxidant properties.


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