Determination of Nutritional Status in Heart Failure Patients

  • Esma Asil Ankara University
  • Emine Yıldız Doğu Akdeniz University
Keywords: Heart failure, nutrition, nutritional status, nutrition screening tool


Heart failure (HF) is an increasingly important syndrome in the world with an increasing prevalence. In patients with heart failure, loss of muscle tissue due to loss of appetite and reduced physical capacity unintended changes in body weight and nutritional deficiencies are frequently observed. Nutritional deficiencies negatively affect the prognosis of the disease and increase mortality in patients with HF. Thus, the nutritional status of patients with heart failure should be assessed and monitored from the time of diagnosis and nutritional deficiency should be prevented. In assessing the nutritional status of patients, all clinical findings should be taken into consideration, anthropometric methods and screening tools should be used together. In this review, the results of studies conducted with anthropometric methods and screening tools to evaluate nutritional status of heart failure patients in the literature are included.


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