Relationship Between Body Awareness and Anthropometric Measurements in Adults

Keywords: Figure rating scale, body awareness, nutrition


Aim: This study is conducted to evaluate the relationship between body awareness and anthropometric measurements.

Subjects and Method: The study was carried out on 80 health professionals working in the Faculty of Health Sciences of Gazi University, who complied with the research criteria and agreed to participate. The study questionnaire prepared by the researchers was applied to participants through face to face method included general and health information. Anthropometric measurements and body composition analysis were performed. Body figure scale and body awareness questionnaires were also applied.

Results: The mean age of the males and females was 27.4±2.70 years and 27.0±2.05 years respectively. According to the body figure scale, the participants of both gender estimated their body image correctly. The mean body awareness scale was significantly higher in male participants who estimated their body figure correctly compared to who estimated their body figure incorrectly. There were no significant correlations of the mean body awareness scores with age, anthropometric measurements and body composition (p>0.05).

Conclusion: In this study, more than half of the participants predicted their body figures correctly and the mean body awareness scores were found to be higher in male participants who accurately evaluated their body figures. The fact that all of the individuals were university graduates who had been educated in the field of health, and who continue to work in this field. These were the most important factors contributing to the accurate evaluation of body figure. It is necessary to evaluate other factors such as social and occupational experiences, working conditions, activity level and emotional status of individuals with larger sample sizes in order to interpret the results for a wider population.


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