Evaluation of Fiber, Fluid and Vitamin Mineral Intakes of Adult Individuals with Functional Constipation

Keywords: Functional constipation, fiber, fluid intake, nutrition, vitamin and minerals


Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the daily dietary intakes of fiber, fluid, vitamins and minerals in adults with functional constipation.

Subjects and Method: The study was conducted on a total of 85 subjects (59 females, 26 males), aged between 19-64 years who were referred to Bayındır Hospital Gastroenterology outpatient clinic with a diagnosis of functional constipation. The demographic characteristics of the patients (age, education level, profession, etc.) were recorded in the questionnaire form by face-to-face interview method, anthropometric measurements of the patients (height, body weight, waist and hip circumference measurements) and three days of food consumption records were taken from the patients.

Results: The mean daily fiber intake of the patients was 17.9±8.91 g. The adequacy of fiber intake was found to be inadequate in 71.8% of patients, while 24.7% of patients consumed adequate amounts of fiber. The mean daily water intake of the patients was 1312.9±791.74 mL. The average daily water intake of female patients (1413.6±842.5 mL) was also higher than the average consumption of male patients (1084.6±617.5 mL) (p=0.035). Mean daily intakes of vitamins and minerals, particularly folic acid, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, were lower than daily recommended intakes (DRI).

Conclusion: Daily intake of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and water intake of patients who suffered from constipation were found to be inadequate. Moreover, physical activity levels of these patients are also found to be low. In order to prevent constipation, changing lifestyle in addition to an adequate and balanced nutrition is necessary.


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